Explore Galle Fort, Sri Lanka
Updated: Jan 28, 2019
Take a stroll down the memory lane of centuries old European antiquity at Galle Fort and be lost in a historical nostalgia. This UNESCO world heritage site bears traces of a well trodden trade hub and an international port frequented by travelers around the globe. The history of Galle runs back to medieval ages. Located 131km away from the capital Colombo, this historic jewel is a must see for those who seek the pleasures of colonial architectural grandeur.
Galle was the most prominent ancient port in Sri Lanka which has been identified in Tolemy’s world map in the 2nd century. Galle Fort was first built by the Portuguese in early 1500s while retreating from their failed invasion of Colombo. Later the Fort was extensively modified by the Dutch in 1600s and is well preserved to this date without undergoing further alterations; thus making it South Asia’s best well preserved Dutch architectural site.
Dutch Hospital
Completely restored old Dutch hospital in Galle Fort is now a great shopping complex, which gives you plenty of options to dine, wine and shop.
Watch the Spectacular Sundown
The Western ramparts of the Galle Fort are famous for their spectacular sunset views. You can watch the setting sun creating pink hues in the sky over the glorious fortification from the top of the Western rampart or sip a cup of coffee on a hotel rooftop at Rampart street while watching the sublime sunset.
Stroll along the cobblestoned paths
The best way to experience the Galle Fort is by strolling the webbed cobblestoned paths which are filled with shops, hotels and restaurants. Each restaurant, hotel and cafe will give you a different experience and it is up to you to choose your favorite spot to sit back and relax.
National Maritime Museum
Built within a 17th century old Dutch warehouse, National Maritime Museum will guide you through a gallery of artefacts which explore Galle’s unassailable maritime past including recovered artefacts from shipwrecks off the Southern coast.
National Museum
Traverse back in time by getting immersed in the widest collection of objects which unveils the cultural heritage of Southern Sri Lanka. Housed in the oldest Dutch building at Galle Fort, the museum is known for its manifestation of the development of the lace industry in Sri Lanka.
All saints Anglican church
If you are wandering along the cobblestoned streets, this Gothic style building which boasts a history of 150 years, is distinctive. The church is popular for its well preserved stained glass art.
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Light House
Clock Tower
Dutch Reformed Church
Amangalla Hotel
Peddlers Inn
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