Embrace the pulsating energy of an indigenous monarchy, a natural fortress amidst soothing misty mountains and gushing Mahaveli river. Kandy is the symbol of royalty, pride and abundance. It boasts a history of power; “the city which didn’t tumble” for centuries amidst Dutch and Portuguese invasions; the city which entombed Sinhalese Art of Fighting and Warfare.. Kandy bears the marvels of a unique culture which is still traceable in its exquisite monuments dotted across the city.

Temple of the Tooth Relic – Dalada Maligawa
Within the guarded walls of the golden roofed Royal Palace complex of the former kingdom, peacefully rests the most sacred relic for the Buddhists – The Left Upper Canine Tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. This glorious site is a magnet to the flower bearing, Buddhist devotees in white robes whose rituals will remind you of a tranquil, pristine doctrine. The architecture and the eloquent paintings within palace walls are a mirror to the Kandian hegemony. Make sure to wear clothing which covers your shoulders and knees before entering this sacred site.
Kandy Esela Perahera
The procession of ultimate elegance and grandeur, the sight of the Kandy Esala Perahera is an experience of a lifetime. The long historical procession with a splash of bright colors, lights and sounds is a festival of splendor which is held annually during the Full Moon in late July or Early August to pay homage to the Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha. The sight of the opulently dressed Royal Male Elephant carrying the reliquaries in a rhythmical pace will skip your heart a beat.
Walk Around the kandy Lake
Entwine hands with your partner, and take a walk around the Kandy Lake during the sunrise or the sunset, capture some photos with a breathtaking view. The walk around the Kandy Lake is promised to give you a feeling of attainment.
Take a Visit to the Kandy Museum
Catch a glimpse of a glorious reign at the Kandy Museum which houses more than 5000 artifacts belonging to the Kandian Era (from 17th to 19th century) and the Post Colonial British era. You can observe a copy of the 1815 Agreement between the King and the British which turned Kandy to the last capital of the kingdoms in Sri Lanka.
Sneak into a Forbidden Forest – Udawatta Kale Sanctuary

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