Mirissa, Beach Town Sri Lanka – Definition of Tropical Tranquility

Mirissa, Beach Town Sri Lanka – Definition of Tropical

Indulge in a unique unperturbed tropical paradise with turquoise sea and picturesque coconut trees at Mirissa. Away from the city hassle, feel the warmth of pressed sand beneath your feet and the tingling sensation of gentle waves kissing your feet, sip the juice from a ripe coconut and watch the tranquil sunset or the warm sunrise: this crescent shaped secluded beach in down south will keep you spellbound for days and months.
The Secret Beach
This “not so easy to reach” secluded beach, slightly away from the tourist dense main beach is a tropical marvel indeed. Lying calmly beneath fortified coconut trees, the turquoise balmy waves gently hug the caramel beach. This fascinating view will make you feel lost in a tropical paradise. Reaching the Secret Beach is somewhat difficult with a 20 minute hilly hike and a small cliff climb. But you will not dread the sweat after a quick plunge in the crystal clear, soothing waters at the Secret Beach.
Whale Watching at Mirissa : Observe the Sea Giants.
The sea of Mirissa is known to be frequented by the different types of whales and dolphins. You can catch a glimpse of a gigantic blue whale circling in deep blue seas or a pod of dolphins rhythmically rocketing to sky and plunging back. Mirissa is the best accessible point in Southern sea to arrange your whale watching tour with experienced whale guides.
Water Activities
If you are afraid of deep seas and want to play safe Mirissa offers a range of water activities ranging from spead boat tours, fishing trips, scuba & snorkeling to kayaking & canoeing. Choose what your heart desires. Mirissa has it all.

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